Test Development Set (Video)

Test Development Set (Video)

This downloadable video file and companion workbook (available separately) are designed to assist language instructors who develop their own tests. Explanations of different possible test items are accompanied by a variety of examples. The video introduces basic concepts involved in language test development, while the workbook explains these concepts in more detail. This valuable resource supplies more than a thousand models for test items. Workbook chapters with a brief description of each follow.

For the inexperienced language test writer, these materials provide a solid introduction to language test development. For the experienced test writer, they offer an extensive variety of possible language test items.

See a sample unit of the workbook by clicking here.

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) to correctly view the document.

  • Unit 1: Rules for Item Writing
  • Unit 2: Test Purposes
  • Unit 3: Test Item Grid
  • Unit 4: Detailed Text-Based Item Design Tables
  • Unit 5: Detailed Oral/Aural Item Design Tables
  • Unit 6: Test Specifications
  • Unit 7: The Test Development Process and Test Administration

You can watch this streaming video online! Just click on the link below. If you want to download the file for offline viewing, click on the 'Download' link (lower right).


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